Not Sure How to Organize Basement Storage? Here is What You Can Do!

Through basement remodeling, you can turn your basement into a storage powerhouse and keep loads of stuff there. Many people remodel their basement space to use in different ways – some want it to be a playroom and others designate the place as a party room with even a small bar in it. However, when you want it to be an effective storage place, you should pay serious attention to how to proceed. Here are a few things to remember when preparing your basement for storage.

Inspect the Entire Space

You have to be very careful when making your basement a storage space because it should not be too wet or cold. It makes great sense to invest in a dehumidifier if you have excessive humidity in the basement – a humidifier will work great to prevent wall damages from excessive moisture level. In case of high humidity, you may also benefit from storing all your stuff in plastic bags. Plastic bins are also available that work just fine.

Take Safety Measures

You can have shelves installed in your basement for added storage, but you need to take safety measures here. Ensure that the shelves are sturdy enough to hold boxes and bins in place. Consider how heavy the stuff you will be storing on those shelves. You should never place heavier stuff on shelves higher than 50 inches or else you run the risk of injuring yourself. It is a good idea to contact a professional not only to remodel your basement for all the stuff you have but also to move the old junk that might be heavy and dangerous.

Organize Your Space Wisely

You need to pay attention to how much space you have available in the kitchen. If there is enough, you can organize everything putting similar stuff in the same boxes. You can also designate a specific storage area to specific stuff, which will make it extremely easy to retrieve it whenever you want.

Try to be Creative

It is your basement and no one can ask you why you have opted for a specific design idea, so long as it makes sense and is effective. When preparing your basement for storage, you should always play around with wall shelving. You can also try other options to be creative. For instance, a wire rack, a pegboard, or a magnetic organizer will also help store a number of things in your basement. You can also take advantage of cubbies that serve as a smart way to organize small tools. Be sure to use whatever you can to maximize the available storage space in your basement.

The fact of the matter is that you can always use your basement to store whatever you want, but you need to consider the abovementioned points first. Moreover, if you are interested in basement remodeling that involves a change in the overall structure, you may want to ask a professional to dive in and guide you in the right way.