Preparing Your Car for the Scrap Yard

Some of us get attached to our cars, but the time comes when we have to send them to the scrap yard, these tips will help you prepare your vehicle for disposal.

Remove Your Belongings > Before you get rid of your old car, remember to get rid of all your personal belongings. It is your responsibility to clear your dead car of any items before the tow truck arrives to take it to the breakers. If you’ve organised a scrap metal collection in Maida Vale or any other part of London, do a quick scan of your car to ensure you haven’t left anything inside.

Sell Valuable Components > One thing you should do before your vehicle is sent to the scrap yard is take out valuable parts to make some money. If the car has been modified and you’ve some valuable components still on the vehicle, you can remove them before the scrap merchants visit your home. You should remove any added parts which you’ve adapted to make the car more appealing, they can be sold or used on another vehicle.

Empty the Tank > If your car is still up and running, you should empty the tank before getting it to a junk yard. If you are driving a sizeable vehicle, there could be a lot of gasoline in the tank, which equates to a considerable amount of money.

The short list mentioned above is designed to show you what you need to do before sending your old vehicle to the scrap yard.